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                                                                                 Johns Pages . org & .biz

                                                              Johnspages is a  Free Advertising Company;

                        with targeted trafficking to jobs, housing, medical, legal, romance, community activities and much more.


                                                 Johnspages does not use cookies or any tracking nor spy software.

                                                 Johnspages does not sell or trade any information about our users.


                                 Johnspages is not intended for children under the age of 13, nor do we collect or knowingly

                                                                       collect information from children under 13.

                                                               Johnspages is not orientated for , or towards children.

                                                             Some of the ads on Johnspages is only for mature audiences.



  Q      What is Johnspages? 

  A       Classified ads,BillBoard ads, Auction, and Video ads community moderated  largely free and costless .


  Q      What can I find on Johnspages?

  A       Jobs, housing, medical, legal, community activities, services, and much more.


  Q      Is Johnspages a nonprofit?

  A      No.


  Q     Why does Johnspages use an .org and .biz domain?

  A     Because we are a  free public service provider.





                                                                                Thank you for using JohnsPages .Biz & .Org...

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